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Asif started his legal career at the Bar and later went on to cross qualify as a Solicitor. He has since gained extensive experience in all types of personal injury work and now mainly acts for Claimant’s who have suffered serious injuries including multiple fractures, brain and spinal injuries, bodily scarring and resultant psychological conditions.

Asif has a specialist interest in chronic pain cases and cases involving persisting pain conditions with no easily identifiable or explainable cause. This has enabled him to build a strong profile in understanding and specialising in such cases and also working alongside the right team of medical experts and rehabilitation specialists in order to ensure his clients needs are addressed properly.

Asif is often praised for his commitment and steadfast dedication to his clients and this is reflected in the results he has been able to achieve for them.

Asif is particularly experienced with quantum matters and has a wealth of experience in drafting complex and high value schedules of loss. Asif has often drafted schedules pleaded in high six and seven figure sums.

Asif’s current caseload includes a serious head injury case resulting in a loss of capacity, a tetraplegia case of the utmost severity with an eight figure value and several cases involving multiple fractures.

Asif continues to work with leading Queen’s Counsel on several of his higher value cases.

Some of Asif’s recently settled cases include:

> A high six figure settlement for a client who suffered multiple fractures in a road traffic accident and required in excess of 15 operations. This was a case involving six experts and was heavily contested on the issue of future earnings and residual earnings capacity.

> £500,000 award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for a client who suffered a head injury following an unprovoked assault. This is the maximum cap on awards payable by the CICA for any single claim.

> A six figure settlement for a client who suffered a fracture to his knee but was left with long term residual symptoms. The bulk of the claim value was for future care needs.

> A six figure settlement for a client whose hand was crushed on a packing machine at work and was left with long term problems with grip and dexterity.